Is Your Life & Business
Where You Thought It Would Be By Now?

    • Do you hit the personal and professional goals you set?
    • Is your business operating at a level you would like?
    • Are your profits reflective of the energy and resources you devote trying to succeed?
    • Do you spend enough time with your family?
    • Does it feel like you are swimming against the tide?
    • Are you actually moving towards your goals in the most efficient way?
    • In fact, will you ever reach your goals or are they just a pipe dream?

      You Might Not Like What I Am About To Say But It Needs To Be Said

        Hey sister, if you're pretending you've got it all going on - you're not keepin' it real.

        Are you where you want to be? Be honest with yourself - really think about it for a second.

        I know you may 'appear' to have it all, but it's time to face some home truths.

        You don't need to pretend everything is A-OK, when it isn't. Problem is, you've built such a beautiful + strong facade, that it 'seems' like an enormous task to break it down.

        I don’t want to demotivate your or discourage you in your quest for success. In fact, quite the opposite – I love kickass Women.

        But at the same time, nobody ever gives you a road map to success. Nobody ever wakes up one morning knowing how to run a business . We all learn from experience and from the advice of others, and we could all do with a guiding hand.

        Even we kick ass women need help.

        Wouldn’t you benefit from a light at the end of your tunnel?

        Wouldn't You Like To Know The Quickest & Most Efficient Way To Reaching Your Personal & Professional Goals?

        Having struggled in the world of business for many years, I’ve learnt the hard way; I’ve made mistakes, I’ve spent countless hours in my office that I will never get back, and I’ve experienced the sleepless nights caused by stress.

        But you know what? I’ve come out the other side stronger and my business is now more profitable than I would ever have dreamed possible.

        I’m a better Mum to my Daughter, a better wife to my husband, and a stronger woman for the experience. Believe me, there is no better feeling in the world than proving your doubters wrong!

          After 10 Years I Finally Cracked The Business Code & Now You Can Too!

            Introducing My New Holistic 4 Week Program

                Let me tell you - having such clarity, passion and drive after struggling for so long feels aahhmaayziing!

                I am blessed to now be in the position where I can help other women who are experiencing frustrations.

                That fine line between success and failure is closer than you think.

                There are examples of super women just like you, who have gone from nothing to creating empires!

                Is something holding you back from creating your empire?

                  Are You Ready To Re- Ignite Your Business Spark & Get Your Hustle On?

                  Ignite Brand YOU is my holistic 4 week program, designed to catapult you towards success at breakneck speeds, while still being your authentic self in business.

                    Week 1: Exposed

                    You'll learn to:

                    Get clear on who you are - not who everyone else wants you to be, not who you think you should be, but on your authentic self. We'll be digging deep here for the sparkling jewels that will make you MOOLAH!

                    Unleash your strengths and turn them into your major business money - maker!

                    Leverage who you really are and create a kick ass brand that reflects the real YOU!

                      Week 2: Cleanse

                      You'll learn to:

                      Kick the nasty habits blocking your success - toxic food, toxic people, toxic activities - GONE!

                      Shine from the inside out - become UNSTOPPABLE on your path to 6 figures by eliminating your internal and external clutter.

                      Make way for the moolah! The universe luuuhhves a void - that's where the money comes in!

                      Week 3: Leverage

                      You'll learn to:

                      Banish the balance myth - keeping the house spotless, getting dinner on the table every night, and running a business that makes you millions isn't possible!

                      Get yo' sweet ass organised with my top secret time management strategies, including my daily ka-ching! list.

                      Leverage your awesomeness and outsource the rest so you can catapult your business to 6 figures. 

                      Week 4: Create

                      You'll learn to:

                      Become a Manifesting Mastress! Discover the secrets I've used to manifest my business and personal success to create your own!

                      Kick writer's block to the curb and boost your creativity in all areas of your life

                      Find your inner wisdom and know you already have all the skills and knowledge to create everything you want

                        Here are just some of the juicy secrets I'll reveal in Brand YOU:

                            I Want Clarity - Let Me In!!

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                                Bonus Modules When You Sign Up Today

                                  Bonus Module: Ritual

                                  Stop sacrificing your pleasure for profits - reclaim your ME time and make pampering a priority.

                                  Schedule work so it's play - just like making money, make play a priority.

                                  Make it mandatory! I'll be holding you accountable for making your luxurious rituals a business priority.

                                    Bonus Module: Outcome

                                    You'll learn to:

                                    Get crystal clarity on what you want in all areas of your life.

                                    Set goals based on how you want to feel, and start feeling like that NOW!

                                    Claim your business and lifestyle goals with a clear roadmap to get there!

                                      Who Is This For?

                                      If you are serious about achieving your personal and professionals goals then I absolutely guarantee that you will never find a better resource, or a better offer, ever again.

                                      I am ONLY accepting Women who are ready to take action. If you're ready to put an end to your frustration, and start channeling your inner rain maker within, then sign up now.

                                      After working with me, you'll feel more empowered. You'll be clear on your next steps, passionate about your life and your business, and excited about your future. 

                                      What Do I Get?

                                          So How Exactly Can I Change Your Life & Business?

                                          I have always been a high achiever, and when I started off working as a recruitment consultant I thought I was set.
                                          As I started to learn who I was, I saw that I was more than just another bum on a seat, and my worth didn't come down to the number of people I could place each week - I was priceless, and I was supposed to sparkle.

                                            Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

                                              Taking this course is completely risk free, because I am offering a 100% money back guarantee!

                                              But be warned - there's a catch.

                                              I know that if you're on this page, you're ready to step up and SPARKLE in all areas of your life; including your business, your relationships and your health. However, while I'm awesome and always provide a TONNE of value to all of my clients, I can't wave a magic wand and make it all better (but I'm working on it)

                                              I'm going to give you all the radical, juicy tools you need to succeed, but YOU are responsible for implementing them. This means that YOU need to do the work. YOU need to be on the live calls, asking questions in the Q & A, interacting in our private Facebook group, completing the weekly workbooks and exercises, and soaking up all of the amazing value I'll be giving you.

                                              If for some crazy reason, you don't get results, and you can show that you participated FULLY in the course, just let me know at the end of the course and I'll give you a full 100% refund. Please note that, to be eligible for a refund, you must hand in all completed worksheets and have participated fully in the live calls, Q & A and Facebook group.

                                                Are you ready to Re- Ignite Your Business Spark & Get Your Hustle On?

                                                    I Love It - Let Me In

                                                      Early Bird Special For A Limited Time - Save $100 If You Join Now!

                                                        I Will Admit This Isn't For Everyone

                                                          If you are serious about achieving your personal and professionals goals then I absolutely guarantee that you will never find a better resource, or a better offer, ever again.

                                                          I am ONLY accepting Women who are ready to take action. If you're ready to put an end to your frustration, and start channeling your inner rain maker within, then sign up now.

                                                          After working with me, you'll feel more empowered. You'll be clear on your next steps, passionate about your life and your business, and excited about your future.

                                                          Love Notes

                                                          I began working with Monique to assist her in re-launching her Snugbods business on-line.
                                                          Since then I have seen her really come in to her own and create a thriving successful business based on her core values and passion. She is absolutely passionate about empowering Women and helping them overcome their own obstacles to completely transform their business just as she has done. Monique walks her talk and is a coach who has DEFINITELY walked the path before you. When she offers advise it is solid advise that comes from time spent in the trenches doing it herself and not just from books. She is an amazing Woman – anyone who gets to work with Monique is exceptionally blessed.

                                                          Kat Heart, Online Launch Queen

                                                          When I first met Monique, way back in 2010, she was lost, frustrated and searching. She had developed what I considered to be a fashion must-have, and yet somewhere along the way she’d lost her sparkle and her empire-building dreams had faded to almost nothing. Over the past four years I have watched her reinvent herself as a business mogul and a powerful coach. Her deep intuition guides every step she takes and her hunger for knowledge has made her an expert in online marketing and the product-to-market process. She reclaimed her health, reset her boundaries, reinvigorated her business and reconnected with her family and I believe that she it totally and utterly qualified to help you do the same.

                                                          Jacqui Gates, The Goddess Known As Jacqui

                                                          What I can say I know about Monique is that she walks her talk. When I first met her, she was insecure in the ideas that she had for herself and her business. What I have noticed in the past few years is how Monique has blossomed into this courageous, inspired woman and has put her full faith into the vision she has for herself. When a woman is transformed in this way, she catapults herself to a place to inspire and teach others. Her passion for empowering other women is a direct result of her own inner growth, which has manifested great things in her physical world with her business. I highly recommend learning from those who are up-leveling themselves. Monique is one of them and I, too, look to learn much from her!

                                                          Vidette Vanderweide, Speaker, Author TV Host

                                                          Monique is a wonderful example of fast and true transformation, having met Monique some time ago, and recently having the opportunity to interview her for “The Art of You , redefining your life and business interview series ” I was tickled pink at how far Monique has come. Not so long ago, Monique was swinging between her glass straw and snugbods business, not really having a clear plan of where she was headed and constantly sabotaging her own success, well, not any more! – Monique has truly stepped up, using her experience as a mum and business women to support and coach other women who are in a similar position. She is passionate abut supporting women to grow their business. Her new program, Ignite Brand YOU! is specially designed to help and empower women to build a business ( and life ) on their terms. Her “peace out” at the end of her conversations has become part of her well known brand – a “Monique” signature. I would recommend working with Monique to any women who wants to grow their business and get your soulful hustle on – Monique knows a thing or two and is able to help you achieve results fast. Peace out Brenda Tsiaousis, Business

                                                          Brenda Tsiaousis, Strategist | Coach | Mentor

                                                          It's YOUR time. You got this Girl!

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